Thursday, 17 August 2017

Beautiful, New Things

“Behold, I am doing a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and rivers in the desert.” Isaiah 43:19


 God is indeed doing new things with Transition Home. Things that have sort of sprung forth from nowhere but have had His stamp all over them. 


Firstly, we are thrilled to announce that the Transition Home family is continuing to evolve and we will have a new girl joining us later this month! Natasha, just turned 17, will be studying floristry in Vinnytsia at the same college where one of our other girls, Miraslava, studies. Natasha is coming to us from the same state orphanage as Mira, Vika and Sveta. Her family background is very similar to our other girls. She is a real joy, less shy of us odd foreigners than the other girls were at first and she is just a little bit besotted with Tallulah.  

  Secondly, our dear Sveta will be moving out of Transition Home and into an apartment with a couple of girls from the church youth group. Sveta has just been asked to join the leadership team of the youth at church, after doing a great job volunteering and confidently sharing her faith at the church's summer youth camp. She is due to start her final year of university next month and it feels like the perfect time for her to make this big step of independence. And it is a big step.... the culmination of 4 years participating in Transition Home and all the investment, acceptance and love of the team here, members past and present. 


Sveta will be very missed in the house but we hope that she will find her increased independence and responsibilities to be strengthening and character-building. Regardless, we want to continue to be family together, with the door firmly open and the kettle on the ready.


In the early days of Transition Home, it took the determination of John and Fritha to drag Sveta to church every week. Sveta has since said she grew to appreciate John banging on the door to wake the girls up 5 minutes before church, because it showed his good character.  Many people within church (especially the thriving youth group there) and within the YWAM team, have encouraged her in her spiritual and emotional life. Now, Sveta herself feels able to approach a God who calls her beloved; and in doing so has cast off so much which the system had layered on since her early years.  


 To be in this position, presiding over one young lady's moving on, and another arriving, sets Transition Home and its reason for being in beautiful relief. When describing what it is all about we often say " We take in in young girls who need......". While that statement is correct, there is a natural emphasis on what we do, but the crucial part is on the young girls allowing themselves to be taken in.  That choice and the adventure that follows has changed the course of Sveta's life, Sveta has let it change her life through being taken in, not just the first time but countless times all the way to the throne of grace; it will change the course of Natasha's.... if she lets it.  So do please join us in rejoicing in the decision these young ladies have made so far and in prayer for the things yet to come.


The rebuild:
Progress on the house has not been quite as speedy as we hoped and it seems we could still be a couple of months away from moving in. Please pray for the team of builders to come each morning and do quality work, fast!

There are two big jobs that need to happen before we can start to address cosmetic issues. The most pressing of these is replacing part of the floor on the second floor, which had to be removed in order to construct the new staircase. Secondly, new pipework needs to be finished, which runs from the house to a sewage tank outside.


A massive heart-felt thank you to all who have contributed financially to the rebuild of the house following the fire. As it stands, we have enough funds to cover the main construction, electrics and plumbing. We can't tell yet whether the money raised will stretch to cover decor like re-painting and furnishing but all will become clearer over the coming weeks as the work continues.

Somehow, praise God, we stay afloat each month, but please do pray with us for more monthly help to keep running. We just heard Joni's school fees will increase just as we were feeling that Zeb needs to start nursery. This month and in coming months we will need to kit Natasha out with clothes, college supplies, college fees and all the other expenses that come along with supporting another teenager. 


Some Favourite Photos:

A big surprise! The government just turned our dirt track into an actual, proper road!!

Natasha has visited us a few times already; we helped her to enroll in college and went to her first parent-teacher meeting

visitors from England; friends and prospective missionaries

Tallulah's first taste of solid food

Sveta after youth camp
lots of progress in the house, but lots more to do
people have recently mentioned seeing rainbows when they have prayed for us, a beautiful symbol of a new beginning and God's promise to prosper and never to harm



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