Wednesday, 26 April 2017


More progress on revamping the transition home for girls! An answer to our many prayers. Praise God! Today we entered the transition home to witness another sign of new beginnings. The revamping of the walls and floors on the ground level is well underway. What a difference!
Thank you to everyone that already contributed to the repairs. Each step towards completing the necessary work brings our girls one step closer to being reunited with the Cleavers under one roof. However, we still have quite a way to reach our financial goal to complete the required work on the transition home. Please continue to pray over this need, and how you can be involved.
If you feel led to give, here is a link to our page.
Thank you, and God bless.

Update from Josh & Nina Cleaver:
Our new baby girl, Tallulah, was born on February 7th. We had some needed restoration time in England staying with Robin and Juliet Grayson who lead St.Marys Church in Langley. Since we became christian through an Alpha course at that church, they have been mentors and family to us, so it was a privilege and a joy to have them welcome Tallulah into the world with us and to offer us a resting place after the fire.

 Baby Tallulah:

We are now back happy to be back in Vinnitsa, Ukraine, re-united with Sveta, Vika and Miraslava. We can't wait to all be under the same 'Transition Home' roof again, so please pray as we continue to fundraise and work on the house.
Happy to be reunited!

Sveta with Tallulah and Zebedee (she is training to be a younger years teacher and loves spending time with the kids)

In other news, Joni has just re-started her Ukrainian schooling, please pray that she and the other kids will be blessed with easy language-learning and good teachers and friends.

With love, the Cleaver Family

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