Tuesday, 11 October 2016

October update

on the way to go bowling...Joni tries to be very grown up around the teenagers

the cars still running well and we've managed to avoid the ducks so far
weather's got cold... we got the winter jumpers out and fixed up the fireplace

Zeb's favourite hide-and-seek spot

   we started a new women's Bible study... this is my homework set out at the airport whilst I waited to fly to England

the girls made a welcome home party when I came back... so lovely to be home again

Josh is happy to have some quiet space
our team (and teenagers) helped finish the 'summer kitchen' outside... now a prayer room which we opened with 24 hour prayer for our YWAM community

the team prayed together and blessed one another at the end of the 24 hour prayer time
Nintendo wii tournament at the yellow house for our weekly 'community evening'

Please pray:
  • For Nina's mum, Alison; now in hospital in the UK with Alzheimers and some other problems
  • For continued relationship building within Transition Home... especially as we take the teenagers to the mountains for a long weekend away (this weekend)
  • For the teenagers to make good friends at church and college and feel at home in Vinnitsa
  • Health for everyone, including my pregnancy (Zebedee has been being sick since yesterday and Vika has flu) 
  • Continued language learning
  • Financial provision each month to cover all of our bills

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