Tuesday, 6 September 2016

This family is getting big, fast! Our first week with new teenagers (in pictures)...

building more bunkbeds
boys room
 Getting ready for the arrival of the 4 new teenagers:

 girls bunks (built by John Washington last summer)
girls room

many people (even tiny ones) helped out

The teens got their own welcome boxes with toiletries and college supplies...

Veggie curry the evening before the girls arrived with our helpers. We talked with Sveta after dinner about how things might change...she seemed excited for the girls to arrive
The girls when they arrived... probably feeling apprehensive to say the least. They only had a small bag each. Thankfully, many of our team had given us suitable clothes for them and we took them shopping to buy a couple of new bits before college started. Sveta helped to take them on practice bus runs to their colleges and we showed them around the town in their first days with us

The girls had never been to the cinema so Sveta took them on their first weekend... they were very excited
the girls all wanted to start guitar lessons...Zebedee thinks he's joining in
the girls got dressed up for 'city day' in Vinnitsa and later went to a music concert with Sveta and her youth group friends

baby hospital ministry has continued...this is Masha who has different disabilities, she is staying in the hospital's 'orphan room' with few or no visitors (and cuddles) apart from YWAM
First day of college for the 4 teens. The YWAM team all got up early to come and be 'family support' to them at their individual college opening ceremonies:
Miroslava's class...looking very nervous (she is the red head at the front with a brown bag)
The girls tried on many outfits the evening before college started...this is Vika the morning of her first day

Igor and the Yarbrough family went with Vika to her opening morning

We went with Miroslava

it's tradition to buy your new teacher flowers at the start of school
the boys' classroom
Andrew (our YWAM team leader) with the boys
even Zebedee dressed up to celebrate the first day of school

much like her dad
the girls cooked their first (really tasty) meal...Ukrainian dumplings called Varenyky...

and they baked chocolate brownies in their first week with our friend Julia (an interesting recipe which included courgette from the garden). We ate it with ice cream whilst we talked through house rules with the girls. We asked them what they thought of the rules and they said "really cool"...result!
 sewing curtains and a school costume for Joni before 6am!
Joni's Alice in Wonderland costume...
Joni's school had a graduation/'goodbye summer' party and her class did a dance. Joni is very serious as she follows the moves... her teacher was dressed as the mad hatter. Joni loves school (most of the time) and is learning Ukrainian and Russian pretty fast

we went to a trampoline center after church on Sunday... after a few minutes of shyness the girls warmed up and went mad, it was lots of fun, Joni learned to somersault.

at some point it was our wedding anniversary and with some babysitting help from our YWAM team we did get out for the evening...with no children (except in my fast growing tummy)

the weather continues to be beautiful, and we have so many apples falling we don't know what to do with them

to finish... here's a picture of Sveta and Joni (Double trouble)...Sveta has been a gem helping out lots and going the extra mile to welcome the new girls. Sveta's brother has been poorly in hospital and she has been cooking him food to take in when she visits. She has just returned to uni after the summer and is already planning a hiking holiday in Georgia in a couple of weeks which will be funded through a special youth program.

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  1. Amazing work, as always; such a great achievement. You are always in our thoughts and we miss you all very much. Lots of love xxxx