Tuesday, 15 March 2016

We have finished our training

The Team

We sailed into Dover last week marking an end to a very long drive from Ukraine ( 30+ hours…. with the children!) and moreover, an end to our Discipleship Training School (DTS) which began back in September in Ukraine and took us south-west across Europe to Montenegro and Albania.  As a team we tried our hand at many things during the 8 weeks, from gardening and painting to making sandcastles and singing worship songs on the beach with local children.

Ballooning on the beach in Albania
For those of you who have been following our meanderings over the last year or so, you will remember that we enrolled on DTS  in order to join Youth With a Mission in Vinnitsa, Ukraine and parent a transition home for young teens leaving state run orphanages. We are delighted that from May of this year that plan will all be going ahead. Until then we are staying in St Mary’s vicarage in Langley visiting our supporting churches, giving a few talks and preparing ourselves for this new step as a family.

Joni celebrated her 5th Birthday in style last Friday. It all began with a special birthday breakfast of her choosing (cold pasta and donuts) and descended into a frenzy of wrapping paper, the grand finale being a Princess Elsa cake (which caught fire from a rogue number 5 sparkler). Zeb will turn 10 months on Thursday, his main focus at the moment is playing rugby in his walker as well as being super cute. Nina and I are preparing ourselves to start some sleep training with Zeb…please pray! March is a big month for family on both sides with a christening, a wedding, a new arrival and many, many house moves…

For more information on YWAM and transition home visit: http://www.ywamvinnitsa.com/ 

Kid's Club in Montenegro

 Prayer Points:
  • For our family through lots of changes, especially the kids, to continue to adapt well, to be peaceful and healthy, with good family routine.
  • For all money needed to open and run the Transition Home to be fundraised soon.
  • For a new car. Our Ford has been amazing but we got sad news from the garage today that it cannot be reasonably repaired.

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