Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Some pictures from our recent outreach trip to Chortkiv and Borschiv...

The team visited a hospital, language school, elderly home and orphanage for children with disabilities. We also spent time in the town centres praying with people that wanted prayer, giving out prayer books and bibles to those that wanted them, doing a puppet show and drawing with the kids and making candy floss. We wanted to love people, to be there to talk about God's love for them and to encourage the local church that we stayed with. The trip came with challenges for us, mainly because we are most comfortable with longer-term work in which deeper relationships can be built.  It was fun to be part of it though, and I hope we brightened up the day for the people we met.

The mini bus was pretty full before we left!

Josh making candyfloss

word soon got out that the candyfloss was free!

prayer tent

Puppet show

we found a castle and fortress to explore on our rest day

Zebedee joining in with our training back at the base in Ternopil
Joni is a bit happier going to school now her friend Nathaniel is going too
Zebedee likes his pop up bed, it travels everywhere with us


  1. Such a delightful set of photos. It looks like God is using you guys richly. I feel very privileged to know you all & to count you as my friends. :-)
    Lots of hugs & love to you all,

    John (aka TheCyclist)

  2. I seem to have written my comments three times with no success; hoping it works this time! I love these photos so much and can't believe how big Zebedee is now! We are so proud of you guys and all the hard work you are doing; you are truly an inspiration to us all. We love you and you are always in our thoughts xxxx

  3. You look great and love the candy floss idea - that castle looks awesome