Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Parenting with Faith

We have enjoyed having Zebedee with us in a different way than when we had Joni. We love them both the same, of course, but this time our faith makes us more patient, grateful and selfless than before. We are no longer keeping a tally of who has done what and who has given up more (we had some blazing rows when we first became parents 4 years ago!). We are taking the time to marvel at nature rather than grieving the personal time lost to feeding, nappy changes and rocking Zebedee to sleep. I used every spare moment when Joni was small to start a private therapy business, to look presentable and to plan for the future. Today I look like a scruffbag, I wouldn't be competitive enough to start such a business if I tried and future planning is impossible. I have felt happy all day, though.

 I am writing this blog listening to laughter as Josh and Joni water fight in the garden (no doubt Josh is actually in the paddling pool by now, I'll go and see in a minute). We had some lovely time having a mug of coffee together in the garden this morning watching Joni hunt for beetles with a magnifying glass. Even doing the most boring things (for me today, a bit of filing if there's time) seems happier now. Hooray for us not being grumpy twits any more!!!

Zebedee is just over 6 weeks old, asleep next to me looking very happy as the fan blows him. Google tells me it's 33 degrees C right now, very hot for England! We've had our health checks and all's well, except for a little lingering soreness from the birth which would probably be fine if I relaxed for a few days (completely impossible with Joni zooming around like a hurricane, though!).

Other news from us is that we have been praying for some guidance on going back to Ukraine to do the mandatory training that was cancelled last year (or making a detour on the way to do it at another base in Finland if Ukraine cancels due to low student numbers again).
We are still passionate about parenting a transition home for teens aging out of orphanages. I believe our faith will equip us for this like it has transformed our experience of parenting our own children. We recently met staff at a similar initiative in the UK called Millenium House. They do not offer a family home environment and they work on a bigger scale than we will, but they still had some really useful advice to share. 

Lots of love from the four of us xxxx

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